We believe the disease of addiction is devastating to family members and loved ones and that it can impact many others. OhioCAN creates an opportunity for the family, friends and community to embrace and participate in the healing process.

Through our social media groups, peer support and county wide events, families acquire useful insights regarding substance use, the disease of addiction and tools allowing everyone in the family to heal.

Someone needs to take charge. We believe that community-based advocacy groups and families should take the lead. 

We are committed to supporting you and your family members and to maximize your success.

OhioCAN offers Peer2Peer Support and Community Family education topics such as: 

  • Family Peer Support
  • How families are impacted by substance use
  •  Addiction is a disease
  • Boundaries...healthy vs unhealthy
  • Siblings
  • Communication, healthy vs unhealthy
  • Manuevering through the Criminal Justice System
  • Family self care
  • Recovery Action Plan
  • Evidence based practices
  • Harm Reduction principles and implementation

Harm reduction practitioners accept people as they are and avoid being judgmental. People who use drugs are always somebody’s son or daughter, sister or brother or father or mother. This compassion extends to the families of people with drug problems and their communities. Harm reduction practitioners oppose the deliberate stigmatization of people who use drugs. Describing people using language such as ‘drug abusers’ and ‘junkies’, or a ‘druggie’ perpetuates stereotypes, marginalizes and creates barriers to helping people who use drugs and their families. Terminology and language should always convey respect and tolerance.

Evidence based practices are practical, feasible, effective, safe and cost-effective. OhioCAN makes a commitment to basing our policy and best practices on the strongest evidence available. Most evidence based practices are inexpensive, easy to implement and have a high impact on individual and community health.

A strong community is the result of healthy individuals and families.
Together we can all make a difference.