Dylan and Patrick are from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan is a high school English teacher  and Patrick works in copyediting qand publications. They are both passionate about social justice and human rights.

Motivation: Kaitlynn Hosey was my childhood best friend and the reason I am involved in Ohio CAN. Since she passed at just 22 years old, I have felt strongly compelled to put my heart and soul into helping other people's "Kate" survive through substance abuse like she should have. I mourn her daily, and always wonder how and why she didn't have the chance to live, or to even know her options when it came to using safely. I believe that harm reduction, safety-first education, and love are the only weapons powerful enough to stand up to this monstrous epidemic. The way drugs are altered and distributed in this country is egregious, poisonous, and undeniable, but this is a problem that can be changed by those of us who choose to speak for the voiceless.

In this world, people who use have no chance at life unless they are met right where they are with compassion by those who can offer help. Let them know you care, no matter what stage of addiction or recovery they may be in.  Lower the stigma, promote safe drug use, and save an amazing life like Kate's.  I vow to promote harm reduction and safer drug practices in honor of my oldest, truest, most genuinely golden friend. Kate deserved her beautiful life, as all substance users do. The truth is that harm reduction practices could have saved every single life that has been taken away due to addiction.  We hope that together we can rebuild our community and support individuals in acquiring the help they need, whatever that may be.