Ross County

I am the mother of an angel that was a victim of the opiate epidemic. Prior to my daughter falling victim to the horrendous disease of addiction I had a career in corrections. Losing my child created a passion in me to create support for the families so impacted by this disease. I joined OhioCAN to be able to provide that support and to also have the support for myself of all the amazing advocates that are a part of this organization. I work day and night to help families and to help individuals that are suffering with the disease of addiction.

My career now is focused on recovery, I am an LCDC III and I provide counseling to individuals that reside in a local homeless shelter. I work for a non-profit agency that allows me to have boots on the ground, and truly meet people where they are. I also work closely with the local GRASP coordinator, working toward offering harm reduction supplies to individuals in our community. My goals for this year is to work on bringing agencies together. I truly believe that if we all work together that we can have a huge impact on this epidemic.

Felicia Nichole Detty is my daughter. She was 24 years old and she was 5 ½ months pregnant with Christopher. She had been in recovery for one year and fell victim to a disease that consumed her. She believed in recovery she believed it was possible to fight this disease, and today I carry the torch that she handed off to me on September 18, 2015.