Seneca County

My name is Melissa Jimmerson I am originally from Bryan Ohio but I moved to this area November 1st, 2017. I was ready for a fresh start. I have suffered from substance abuse. Heroin was my drug of choice, but I am addicted to more. Anything that makes me feel good I want more of, caffeine, nicotine, food, sarcasm, anything. Heroin just happened to take me to the depths of hell. I am so grateful to have found a glimpse of of light on April 15, 2018. That is my sobriety date. The things that recovery has brought to my life are so incredible I can not put into words. Relationships with my family has improved, my friends, sober supports and my overall life in general.

I am so blessed to be apart of the OhioCan Seneca County. It’s an honor to give back what was so freely given to me. Everyone has their own recovery and way of getting there, my job is to ensure they have knowledge of different paths that they can take, and the many life saving, unique approaches available. Everyone is at a different spot in recovery as well, so it is important that I prepare myself to always treat them with love and kindness as I would want to be treated, no matter where they may be on their journey to recovery. Thank you so much for this opportunity I am very excited to see what the future holds with OhioCAN.