Stark County

Ron, a father of 2, had 30+ years of ongoing active substance use. He has rebuilt his life from bottom up numerous times and currently is celebrating recovery and spending time with his children.  He grasiously gives back to the commumity remembering who was there for him on his journey.  .

He brings the voice of recovery to Stark County and is actively fullfilling the needs within the county through the YouCAN2 project.  

"Come as you are: Start where the person is (not where you want him to be)."

Bringing a Community together for fun without violence!!

Bringing Voices to be heard by those hearing the lawsuits!!

A chocolate bar and a YouCAN2 bag warmed the hearts of many visiting Crisis Detox. Sadly, we said our goodbyes as they closed their doors. Close to 1,000 bags were given out, Easter baskets, pizza parties, Valentine candy and Halloween treats. OhioCAN never forgot where so many begin. 

Since 1988, ICAN Housing has served homeless persons with mental illness, some of whom are also battling Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The Agency has built on early successes and now provides outreach, housing support services, and affordable permanent housing options to nearly 300 households in Stark County, Ohio.

OhioCAN now collaborates with ICAN bringing YouCAN2 bags, housewarming supplies and Hope to so many. We ALL CAN!!!

What are fentanyl testing strips?
Originally intended for urine drug tests, fentanyl testing strips are being used as an off-label harm reduction approach to test the presence or absence of fentanyl and many fentanyl analogs (very closely related drugs) in the unregulated drug supply.

How are fentanyl testing strips used?

Fentanyl testing strips are mostly being used by people who inject opioids. Based on the results of the testing strips, people can choose to implement measures to reduce the risk of an opioid overdose. These reduced risk measures can include using less of the substance, giving slow or test shots, not using alone, using with a naloxone rescue kit nearby, or not using the substances at all.  Other unregulated drugs in pill or powder form can also be tested (i.e. cocaine, MDMA, ketamine, and other non-injectable drugs) but must be mixed with water prior to testing.

Steps of Change~ Bringing Families together to Embrace and Educate

Canton started its own needle exchange (SEP) over a year ago. Diane Thompson with the city health department says reducing the use of dirty syringes can head off a potential “secondary epidemic” of communicable diseases that would dramatically worsen the problem of dealing with addiction.

OhioCAN provides warm sandwiches and snack bags to each client "meeting them where they are and not leaving them there."  

Ron with Tino Fuentes, a NY City Harm Reduction Activist