OhioCAN still believes that families need to be part of the solution to substance use...but in the meantime -- while we wait for votes to be cast or programs to kick in -- people are suffering. People we see every day, on the way to soccer and the pharmacy. And if we want our children -- our future voters and philanthropists -- to learn about the power of giving, we suspect the more hands-on they are in terms of the gifts, the better.

That's the beauty of something like YouCAN2 bags: They are not just $5 bills pulled from adults' wallets. They take some time to put together, time that kids can devote. They are made of things that kids get, like granola bars for grumbling tummies and Band-Aids for scraped knees.  The gifts themselves hopefully add a bit of light to the days of sad, sick or hungry people. But from our point of view, of equal value is the message they can send the givers, especially the littlest givers among us: Seeing matters. Giving feels good.